I`M AN DOCUMENTARY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER based in Cologne, who loves to capture individuality and moments. See me as a  photojournalist at your wedding, rather than a wedding photographer with the latest “Must Have” poses in his magic suitcase.  I`m not a fan of conventions, trends or gadgets , which means that your wedding day will be a honest and unposed documentation of everything that happens, from the smallest moments to the biggest hugs, but I  won`t set up or repeat situations, which lack emotions and personality. My approach to wedding photography is unpretentious and far away from wedding industry formulas or templates. Simply because I believe that individuality and emotion are too beautiful and precious to be imitated.
Flowers, shoes, location… these are things. Things that lose their importance over the years; your memory of how your wedding day felt, smelled and tasted like will become more prominent and the only way to go back to that day and put a smile in your face, will be your wedding pictures.
Documentary wedding photography does just that: it tells a comprehensive and honest story of your wedding day without interrupting it`s dynamics.

 LIGHT, COMPOSITION AND TIMING coming together at the right moment, make a good wedding picture. If this image has the ability to evoke a certain feeling or even a small emotion, a memory has been captured.  I look for those frames; little gestures, funny or  silent moments, situations filled with layers. As a documentary wedding photographer in Cologne the most important part of my work is to keep the fluency of your wedding celebration as untouched as possible. I won`t ask you or your guests to repeat a situation, I won`t take you away from your guests to visit 10 couple shot locations. I will be a silent observer, staying close to the action. If you don`t notice me at all, we`ve done everything right.

I DON`T BELIEVE IN PERFECTION nore the “10 Must Have Shots” of wedding magazines. I will document all the moments, emotions, laughter and tears in a natural and unposed way, but I wont copy a Pinterest board or the same old poses and drown it all in a brown vintage filter, because … you are unique, your love and your wedding day is too; and you and your celebration do deserve to be captured in a unique way, without a label on it but filled with timeless memories.  That`s why I keep portrait sessions short. Take it as a small 15 minute break, when you`ve cooled down and relaxed, let`s put you in a nice spot at your wedding venue with some sweet, flattering light and have fun. I don`t want you to see the portrait session as an obligation, see it as an cheeky escape from the “wedding day madness”. And I promise we`re right back before anyone notices you`re gone.

I WON`T HANG YOUR WEDDING DRESS ON A TREE or look for the best light to capture your wedding rings, because I believe that they look better on you …it`s you who bring those things to life.
Flowers, wedding cake, venue and decoration, all the small details you`ve been working on so hard, will find their place in my documentation of the wedding day captured in context to you as I find them, underlining the individuality of your day.

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